The Process

Each item is hand-selected from thousands of choices; once chosen, the hand-selected item is professionally cleaned and prepped. DovAlexander spends hundreds of hours during the weeks dreaming up new and exciting technical applications while completing hundreds of hours of researching to find the most effective and least carbon emissions approach to creating an item. 

After the items are chosen and processed, DovAlexander selects proper paints and sealers. Or, in other cases, textiles and thread. 

The Hunt

Finding the perfect item to turn into a wearable item of art is fun. It starts by visiting the local thrift locations in the city, looking through many honorable things before finding the perfect item to transform. 
Occasionally used items are donated to DovAlexander, which saves time. 

Clean & Care

Items are often washed, steamed, and cleaned. Cleaning a leather jacket involves steam and disinfectant on the outer shell; the thing is then treated with acetone to remove the factory finish. 

Creation Process

DovAlexander spends hours dreaming up new and unique creations, selecting paint and textiles through tons of research into techniques and processes is how most items are created.