DovAlexander is an electrifying designer label.


The items created by DovAlexander are formed from pure enthusiastic energy. They are made for everyday wear and special occasions. Each item, either shoe, jacket, or purse, is part of a movement called "Upcycling", which is the process of transforming items that have been previously owned into new works of beauty.


The artform DovAlexander brings to the table is that of an extensive background in the Vancouver Film Industry, his eye for color and mind for design allows each artistic creation to take on a life of its own. ​ DovAlexander thrives off reusing a variety of patterns and products for each creation, each piece of artwork becomes a unique one of a kind item for its future owner. ​

The pride of DovAlexander is to ensure each item is a 1 of 1 original artwork. It would be similar to buying an amazing wall art from the artist in a gallery, its unique, original and you have the comfort of know you are the only person in the whole world to own it. 



DovAlexander started as a brand in March of 2019. One evening on a graveyard shift, DovAlexander was working with an electrical socket and was shocked with enough voltage to kill him where he stood. Thankfully the only thing that saved DovAlexander from demise was the massive welder’s steel-toed boots he was wearing. After this experience, DovAlexander decided to show his admiration for these shoes by creating wonderful works of art that people could wear. The concept emerged through looking at paintings and wondering "What if I could wear that painting on my feet?" and thus DovAlexander brand was born.

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