How Do I clean the shoes?

Depending on the shoe, whatever substance is on it can be washed off gently. If you have scuffed the shoe, contact DovAlexander a possible touch up could be done depending on the degree of the damage. .

How long can i wear the comic book shoes for?

Each day DovAlexander is prefecting his craft and technical process to make these shoes better and last longer. That stated these shoes presently should be worn for small periods of time, you should preform proper walking skills to remove any potential for the material to crack or tear off the shoe.

What if something falls off a purse?

Nothing should fall off, but in the event something does, please contact DovAlexander and he will be happy to adjust the item. Keep in mind the item apperance my have to change to accomidate any adjustments.

Does DovAlexander have a physical store?

DovAlexander presently works out of a private studio but is looking to expand operations within a year or so. The other plan is to have various items displayed throughout Calgary. Presently you can visit: Thrift Couture on 17th Ave Shoe Muse in Aspen landing Get a does of Happiness in Bankers Hall on the 3rd Floor.


How do I clean the leather jacket?

Steam... You can steam the inside of the jacket. For the outside recommended you use a Lysol wipe to gently clean up the exterior. The exterior of the jacket has been coated with a flexible acrylic.

Should anything happen to the jacket over time, please contact DovAlexander for help on how to fix it.

How do I clean my shoes?

Lysol wipe should do the trick, if you scrub it the imagery may come off, so try not to scrub the shoe. Comic shoes are met to be worn periodically as they are mostly glue and paper they can fall apart after long term use, they may look better on the shelf.

How do I clean a demin jacket?

Denim jackets without jewelry can be tumble washed and dried if you turn them inside out on a gentle cycle.

Denim jackets with Jewelry should only be steamed to prevent damage.

How do I clean Purses and Hats?

Most hats can be cleaned with a Lysol wipe. Purses recommended a Lysol wipe.

Can I clean wall art?

Dustin is the best way to clean the wall art. Most wall art has been sprayed with an acrylic layer to protect the paint, though some mirror art is not protected and using chemicals like windex can harm the art by disolving it.

How do I clean furniture Art i.e. Couches?

DovAlexander couches can be cleaned with a Lysol wipe. The couch has been treated with a flexible acrylic.

Fix or Replicate

I lost my item/ My item was stolen - Can I get a replacement?

DovAlexander creations are all one of ones. If your item was lost or stolen, DovAlexander can replicate your item with some modifications. Since Dov’s mostly in the zone when creating, remember the exact paints and technical skills can be difficult. Recommended you show a photo of your item for refence.

The price of your new item will be at market value plus the purchase price of finding a similar item to yours to become art. This would fall under a custom creation fee and process.

I saw a celebtry wearing a jacket you made, can I buy the same one?

The short answer is no. Any art made for celebrities are one of one creation along with most of DovAlexander items. DovAlexander can make something similar but it won’t be exactly the same.

Can I resell a DovAlexander item for Profit?

Sure, why not. Just don't be sneaky about it. If you buy something for say $200 and resell it for $2000 try to be nice and let DovAlexander know, as this can change the valuation of current product.