How Do I clean the shoes?

Depending on the shoe, whatever substance is on it can be washed off gently. If you have scuffed the shoe, contact DovAlexander a possible touch up could be done depending on the degree of the damage. .

How long can i wear the comic book shoes for?

Each day DovAlexander is prefecting his craft and technical process to make these shoes better and last longer. That stated these shoes presently should be worn for small periods of time, you should preform proper walking skills to remove any potential for the material to crack or tear off the shoe.

What if something falls off a purse?

Nothing should fall off, but in the event something does, please contact DovAlexander and he will be happy to adjust the item. Keep in mind the item apperance my have to change to accomidate any adjustments.

Does DovAlexander have a physical store?

Kind of, DovAlexander presently works out of a private studio but is looking to expand operations within a year or so. The other plan is to have various items displayed throughout Calgary. Presently you can visit The Thrift Couture on 17th Ave or Shoe Muse in Aspen landing to visit any of DovAlexanders creations in person.

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