The Garden of Eden.


White leather, this furniture set orignally cost $2,000 CAD. 


When the Pandemic hit in March 2020, trapped alone in my apartment, I needed something to stay positive and sane. What kept me going was this furniture set. I spent a total of 700+ hours colouring by hand with various Sharpies and Rock Paint Pens to create something right out of the bible. Starting with the ottoman and the garden of eden, expanding to Adam and Eve couch to a Tree of Knowlege Chair. The furniture set completion was at the start of January 2021. 


The couch has been coated with a flexible acrylic, this prevents transfer to your clothes should you wish to sit on it. 


Clean up is easy, just use a lysol wipe and you are done. 


For a life time warnty, should something happen to the art during your ownership, your 1st fix is free, after your first fix, anything else would be an hour fix valued at $38/HR CAD. 


For this purchase, I will work with logistics to ship anywhere in the world. 

Garden of Eden Furniture Set

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