A while back DovAlexander had the privilege of updating a vintage pare of Papucei shoes, after posting it on Instagram the company that makes the shoes liked the final look. A friendly validation. 


Jordi Rocasan

A world famous pastry chef from Spain, Jordi Rocasan is one of DovAlexander's favorite innovators to watch, after seeing his abilities displayed on a cooking show. DovAlexander mad some custom made sneakers for a client in Spain and after posting the image Jordi took notice and showed his delight. 


Ju Hee Jang Team Aura

A South Korean Dancer with the dance group Team Aura was seen on her instagram sporting a DovAlexander jacket. The video has seen had 180k Views and 5k likes since uploaded. 


Thrift Couture Calgary

While at Thrift Couture Calgary this very satisficed customer took to social media to express how much they enjoyed their new purchase.